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Hello, welcome to Waterlily Boats’ world. Here, we build a future in which the luxury of a boat is combined with the comfort of a home to provide you with a unique experience of well-being. For you, we have broken walls, to make the sea your garden and the horizon your neighborhood.

Waterlily Boats is a 100% Portuguese brand, favoring, whenever possible, the use of national materials, providing the highest quality to the wide range of models that we offer to the customer. Diving into the creative universe allowed us to develop various interior and exterior configurations, achieving the requirements of a wide range of clients.

Waterlily Boats was born due to the enthusiasm for nautical and built itself in the Composite Innovation Center of Composite Solutions, Lda. Composite Solutions was created in 2014 and the main activity is the engineering and shipbuilding project, with an history of producing recreational vessels and offshore platforms. Composite Solutions already has an extensive experience in developing projects of equipment for the naval, wind and wave energy industry.

Here, at Waterlily Boats, we navigate in your ideas until, together, reach the paradise. We want to provide you with a unique experience, from the first sketch to the dreamy views painted by your Waterlily. If your goal is to be authentic, then you have come to the right place.

Waterlily Boats, your place in nature.

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